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Daylighting Hallways
Whether your hallway is the entrance to your home or just a long corridor to the bedrooms, hallways can be dark with little or no daylight. They are often in the centre of the home, particularly in bungalows, and thus can be completely windowless or rely on electric light or ‘borrowed light’ from open doorways.

Solatube installations for hallways are not usually problematic as valleys or troughs in the roof above can be overcome using angles ensuring maximum daylight is delivered to your hallway.

If you have a downstairs hallway, you can still pipe daylight down using the room above. The Solatube system can be boxed in or made into a feature as some of our more creative clients have done.

Our most popular system for longer hallways is the 160DS which can look stunning when installed in equal distances down the hallway.

The hallway is often the first area a visitor to your home sees, and to reduce ‘ceiling clutter’ in entrance halls, we often recommend the sleek JustFrost diffuser with an integrated light fitting.

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