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Daylighting Bathrooms
If your bathroom has only a small window or no window at all, then your natural lighting may be non-existent. A Solatube tubular skylight can solve the lack of natural daylight in the bathroom and brighten up your daily tasks, such as shaving or applying make-up.

Daylighting a bathroom is usually straightforward when it comes to installation. We occasionally encounter pipework which we can usually work around, and existing light fittings and ventilation in a bathroom can impact the ultimate location of the diffuser.
If your bathroom is located downstairs, and assuming another room is directly above, the tubing for the light tube may be routed through the inside of a wardrobe or cupboard upstairs, or boxed in in the room above. 
Generally one Solatube 160DS can transform an ensuite or small bathroom, although, for larger bathrooms, you have the option of fitting the larger 290DS system.

Steam and condensation are a consideration in any bathroom which is why the Solatube bathroom ventilation kit is very popular, as is the Solatube light kit. Both of these may be fully integrated into our daylighting systems to give a neat 3-in-1 feature that provides daylight, ventilation and electric light.

Using a powerful yet quiet fan, the bathroom ventilation kit offers a neat, stylish solution to steam and condensation building up in your bathroom. It comes supplied with a pull cord switch and a fascia/soffit exit vent as standard, or we can supply a universal roof exit vent that will interface with any pitched roof type.

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