Why is daylight in your home so important?

1. Daylight energises and relaxes

Homes with a lot of daylight are popular for a reason; people feel energised in bright spaces. An attic room with lots of natural light is a perfect hobby room and a living room with large windows invites you to relax after a busy working day. Sunlight is an important requirement for the production of endorphins in the body which make us feel more energetic and productive. Extra light in your home is therefore an investment in yourself! Solatube sun tunnels can deliver bright daylight down a highly reflective tube to light up those dark rooms and transform them in to welcoming and uplifting living spaces.

2. Dark rooms make you feel tired

Artificial light cannot replace the beneficial effects of natural light. Our bodies need daylight for the production of endorphins. Have you been in a dark room for a long time? Or do you work in an indoor space without windows? Then you have probably noticed that you feel tired faster.  A dark space makes you feel sleepy and lethargic and after a day in a dark house, you long for daylight.  Quite simply, the more daylight in your home, the better your mood!  And a Solatube sun tunnel is often the simplest and most cost effective method of achieving this, with typical, fully installed prices starting from around £900 including VAT.

3. Daylight turns a dark room in to a light, welcoming space

When designing a house, natural light is not always carefully considered. Some rooms have very small windows or no windows at all. Natural light improves the living environment within the home, making rooms more usable and inviting. Daylight in a kitchen, a cellar or in an attic can have a wonderful effect. Extra natural light turns these spaces into living, useable spaces again. Solatube sun tunnel, or sun pipe systems can ensure that many dark areas of a house can be bathed in daylight. With extra daylight from a Solatube sun pipe, a dark kitchen/dining area becomes a welcoming space that people want to spend time in. How about bright daylight in your hall or landing?  A Solatube sun pipe can transform that gloomy interior in to a light, bright space, simply and cost effectively. Our daylight tubes are extremely efficient, even in moonlight or when it is cloudy.

4. Daylight adds value to your property

A bright, well–lit property is so much more welcoming and appealing to everyone who enters your home.  So installing a Solatube sun tunnel not only gives you the benefit of light, bright spaces to live in, you’ll also find it adds value to your property.  Daylight also makes your home far more saleable

When the time comes – potential purchasers walking in to a brightly lit home will instantly feel more positive and upbeat than if there are dark areas that make everyone feel gloomier.  So, if you’d like to brighten up your home and your life, why not get in touch with Nigel at Solatube Southwest and discover how we can help.


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