Make Your Home Shine

Another useful article from Solatube International on how daylight from a Solatube can have a very positive impact on the interior design of your home: 

Add daylight where you need it. Solatube sun tunnels, bring natural light in to your home, so your designs can pop! If you’re looking to make aesthetic improvements to your home – and your décor style includes functionality and new design trends – Solatube sun pipes are the daylighting solution for you.

Scroll below to browse some inspiring transformations and then contact us at Solatube Scotland to see how we can help convert your dark spaces into places you love.


Solatube sun pipes balance out the natural light from the large windows in this open-concept kitchen, reducing glare and giving the space an even more personalised look. Plus, the extra daylight delivered from the sun tunnel, perfectly accentuates the light wash hardwood.

Neutral-toned kitchen themes are a popular interior design trend, but require the right light to make the design pop. These homeowners used Solatube sun pipes in their windowless kitchen to create a charming, bright and welcoming gathering space for the hub of their home. The natural light piped by the sun pipes brings out the beauty of their milk-white cabinets and wood accents.


The use of a single Solatube sun pipe has this cosy living space shining brightly – and the homeowners aren’t the only happy customers loving the natural light. The extra sunshine makes the space even more plant-friendly. Who wouldn’t want to relax with a book in this brightly lit space?

When it comes to adding beauty to your home, nothing transforms a room quite like natural light. Four Solatube sun pipes complement this neutral living room design for a bright, sophisticated effect.


A bathroom without windows tends to make the area seem smaller than it is. A single Solatube sun pipe with Ventilation Add-On Kit breathed new life into this clean, crisp design by adding balanced natural light and eliminating pesky humidity.

A Solatube sun tunnel was the perfect finishing touch for this stunning master bathroom renovation by showing the space in brilliant natural light.


Small spaces need love from the sun too! With no source of natural light, this hallway used to be to me a dark, dreary and difficult to navigate. But with the use of a single Solatube sun pipe, a clean and airy contemporary design was achieved.

Warm symmetry and playful light coming through two Solatube sun tunnels compliment this stunning hallway design.

Throughout the whole of Scotland, Solatube Scotland is the recognised distributor and installer of Solatube sun tunnels, or light pipes.

If you are interested in bringing natural light into your home, why not contact us at; 07778 283 427 to find out whether a Solatube sun pipe can help you. Typically, a fully installed system might cost anywhere between £900 – £1,200; that’s supplied, professionally installed and includes the VAT.


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