Is BBA Certification relevant?

Why you are better buying a BBA Certified product from Solatube

BBA Certification confirms the safety, suitability and compliance of a product for use in our homes and all buildings.  Without it, it is not possible to be certain that the product you are using will deliver on its claims and promises.

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is one of the UK's leading Construction Certification bodies that carries out vigorous testing before certificates are issued. This ensures that all constructions products and systems which receive the seal of approval meet the British Standards for construction.

Companies that ignore or avoid this process usually do so for a reason – their products do not meet the British Standards for construction.  Consequently they tend to disparage the need for certification and imply that it is not relevant.

Solatube sun tunnel Systems BBA Certificate has now been extended and has never been more important!

Already a popular choice for many architects, specifiers and installers, the extended Solatube Daylighting Systems BBA Certificate recognises the high quality of Solatube products and emphatically confirms that they achieve the seal of approval to meet British Standards for construction.

Third party Certification for structural products has never been more important.

Claire Curtis-Thomas, Chief Executive of the BBA, explains why the extensive testing process BBA Approved products go through ensures customers can buy with confidence.

“In recent years the choice of building products in every sector has mushroomed as alternatives, including low cost Chinese look-alikes, have flooded onto the market, creating more choice but leaving buyers with very little security with regards to performance”.

“It is not surprising that the BBA Certification has been extended for our Solatube daylighting systems”, says Mark Veldjesgraaf, Director of Techcomlight Limited. “We want to deliver high-quality products and professional services. In addition to the BBA certificate Solatube also boasts the CE mark, FM quality mark and the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label.

Techcomlight Limited believe that the British Board of Agrément certification further instils confidence in Solatube tubular daylighting systems and substantiates the belief that it is the leading tubular daylight system for delivering daylight in to any room.

What BBA certification means for you

If a product you are buying has not been subject to the necessary tests that BBA certification infers, then it may not be up to standard and may not perform as it should.

Check claims made are like-for-like products.

We have observed suppliers who compare different sized products, or compare their acrylic-domed product to the old style polycarbonate Solatube domed product and suggest that the two are comparable. The BBA has confirmed that an acrylic domed product has restrictions as to its placement on a UK roof, whereas the polycarbonate Tp(a) Solatube dome does not.  A supplier that does not point out the difference may be unaware of the regulations or is being evasive about their product's compliance and usage, so be cautious.

Building regulations set standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the safety and health for people in or about those buildings.

According to the government's Planning Portal, the owner of the property is ultimately responsible for complying with the relevant building regulations. For these reasons, and for the obvious reason that most of us would want to use only safe, compliant products in our homes, it is important to be able to identify if a product is compliant.

 "I would always look for a BBA-certified product. It tells me straight away that the product complies, no question."  Advice from Building Control Officer in Bedfordshire


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