How easy is it to install a Solatube sun tunnel?

How easy is it to install a Solatube sun tunnel

Sun pipes are really quite simple and straightforward to install, provided you know what you are doing.  Fortunately they do not require planning permission as they fall under a different category to windows, skylights and Velux style roof windows.


What does a Solatube installation involve?

On average, a Solatube sun tunnel installation takes approximately half a day, but does not cause too much mess or interference as we put dust sheets down and would clean and tidy up afterwards to leave things as we found them. Plus there should be no redecorating or make-good to do afterwards assuming the existing ceilings, roofs, tiles or slates are reasonably sound and in good condition. 


Is a survey necessary?

It isn’t always necessary to undertake a separate survey before fitting a Solatube sun tunnel, particularly as we endeavour to minimise our carbon footprint and charge out costs by keeping our mileage to a minimum.  Essentially, based on information we can establish via a phone conversation and pictures and measurements the estimate we provide for the Solatube installation will be quite accurate. Should you wish us to carry out a survey we charge a fee of £99 which is then taken off the cost of the final invoice should you go ahead.


Should you be happy to accept the quotation, we can arrange a convenient date to come round and carryout the installation.  We can complete a quick survey first thing to ensure that everything is as we discussed and assuming all is OK we would continue and complete the installation of the Solatube.


Do sun tunnels leak?

With over 10 years’ experience installing Solatube sun tunnels we are completely confident that your Solatube will not leak.  Not only do we have years of practice, we also enjoy our work and take a great deal of pride in every installation.  In addition, the Solatube system has been extremely well designed and remains under a continuous programme of improvement, utilising high grade components and materials to ensure a weatherproof and long lasting solution.  Consequently we just don’t get called back because of leaks.


What guarantees do you give with a Solatube?

All our Solatube installation work comes with a 2 year warranty, whereas the Solatube product itself comes with a manufacturers’ backed 10 year warranty.  And even if you did have a problem after one of those dates then we would want to know about it so that we can work out a rapid solution.


Can I self-install a Solatube?

A Solatube can be self-installed, provided you know how to work safely at heights up on a roof.  Also of great importance is to follow the instructions, all of which are available to download online Solatube Installation Guides


Should you use your own builder or handyman?

Solatube Daylighting Systems are quality systems that have been engineered to make installation as easy as possible for a competent DIYer or builder; small components are pre-assembled and intelligent design features make installation quick and simple. All Solatube systems are shipped complete with full installation instructions.


How much will it cost to install a Solatube sun tunnel?

A typical installation cost for a Solatube tends to be £350 inc VAT, plus the cost of the system itself.


For more information and pricing, email or call Matthew on 07778 283 427 or check out our Ultimate Guide to Sun Tunnels

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