How bright is a sun tunnel system?

Sun tunnels or Solatubes are VERY bright, delivering large amounts of daylight in to dark rooms and transforming them in to light, bright spaces.  Most people are extremely surprised when they see just how bright and how much light a Solatube can deliver. A Solatube can therefore make a BIG difference in almost any room. 

Quite simply, Solatube sun tunnels are the most effective and efficient way of delivering daylight in to a room, providing as much light as a window many times its size.  A single, sun pipe can comfortably light up a typical room making it bright enough to read and write in, all day long so you would never need to switch a light on again during daylight hours.

A small room such as a typical bathroom (approx 3m x 3m or 10’ x 10’) can be lit with a single small diameter sun pipe or Solatube.

Whereas for larger rooms and spaces such as a kitchen, dining or living room or long hallways, a single, larger diameter Solatube is usually sufficient.  And, as with windows, it is sometimes best to have more than one to help light up bigger spaces.

However, not all makes of sun tunnel system are the same or as bright.  There can be quite big differences in the amount of light that different makes of sun Tunnel can deliver.  This primarily comes down to how reflective the tube is and the dome on the roof.


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