Ever come across a Snowlatube?

At this time of year all sorts of different challenges present themselves and none less so than installing a Solatube sun tunnel in to an igloo.  Certainly not an everyday challenge, but also not one we were going to turn away from.


It would seem that the biggest challenge was, well, the snow.  You need lots of it before you can even build an igloo so on this occasion we’ve turned the clock back a few years to 2009 when we had plenty of the white stuff.  And then there’s the choice of design - the classic dome shape is certainly popular, but perhaps something a little more contemporary could win the day in your part of the world.  Colour schemes were far less difficult to agree on, with white being the outright winner.

So, first build yourself an igloo.  Then cut a circular hole through the top and insert a Solatube 160DS – simples, really.  Reflecting off the snow white interior, it’s certainly bright enough inside.  Success all round.  Just goes to show that there’s “snow tube like a Solatube”.


Wishing everyone an extremely merry and safe Christmas time and happy new year too.


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