Does your bathroom need more daylight

Solatube sun pipe is the best solution for dark bathrooms

In many homes it is the bathroom or ensuite that is usually lowest down on the list of priorities for daylight. So when homes are extended or remodelled a dark or windowless bathroom is often the result. But how can you restore the balance and get daylight back in to these dark rooms with the least amount of hassle and cost?

Install a Solatube the best sun tunnel 

As you’ve probably gathered by now, after 16 years’ experience installing various sun pipes, sun tunnels and skylights, I keep returning to the Solatube (or Solartube as it is often mis-spelled!) because it is simply the best system all round, in terms of being the brightest system on the market, relative to cost and quality. Therefore, if you’re going to install any system, please ask first for the pros and cons of each type, but in my opinion, the best sun tunnel system is the Solatube sun pipe.

A small Solatube sun tunnel will light up a dark bathroom

Bathrooms and ensuites tend not to be very large and I can therefore state with a great deal of confidence that for most bathrooms a single, small 25cm diameter Solatube 160DS will be more than adequate to light up a dark, or even windowless, room upto around 3m x 3m (let’s call that around 10’ x 10’). You’ll never need to switch the light on again during the day! With many other sun tunnels you may find it necessary to install a larger diameter sun tube in order to get anywhere near the same amount of light of a Solatube.

Knowing how to light up a dark or windowless bathroom with daylight is no longer a problem when you consider how effective and bright a Solatube sun pipe is. And not only do you benefit from bright daylight all day long, you can also incorporate an electric light fitting within the solar tube so that the Solatube becomes the electric light at night, thereby ensuring you only have one fitting in the ceiling – often important in some small ensuites where ceiling space is limited.

Include an extractor fan or ventilation with your Solatube

Plus a bathroom extractor fan or ventilation can also be incorporated with the Solatube sun tunnel installation too. This gives you a 3 in 1 solution with your natural daylight, your electric light AND you ventilation/extraction all through a single ceiling fitting – pretty neat.

So, light up that dark and dingy windowless bathroom or ensuite with daylight piped down a highly reflective Solatube sun tunnel.

I hope all the above helps and If you are interested in bringing natural light into your home, why not contact us at; 07778 283 427 to find out whether a Solatube sun pipe can help you. Typically, a fully installed system might cost anywhere between £900 – £1,200; that’s supplied, professionally installed and includes the VAT.

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