Do Solatube sun pipes save energy

When it comes to lighting costs, even the most advanced light bulb cannot compete with an age - old natural resource – Daylight!.  Homeowners all over the world realise that in order to keep their energy costs to an absolute minimum, there’s no better strategy than to switch off electric lights during the day.

With such good levels of daylight being available and shining on the roof every day.  It seems crazy not to make the most of this free light by just letting it inside.

So the question: Do Solatube sun pipes save energy? Absolutely!

So for those seeking to capitalise on daylight as a way of lowering energy bills, Solatube sun tunnels may be the affordable and versatile solution they are looking for.  Traditional Velux style skylights are windows on the roof, the Solatube sun tunnel works in a very different way.

1.            Solatube sun pipes are leak-proof, impact-resistant, and have a self-cleaning dome that collects daylight on the roof.

2.            Daylight is directed down into the room through a highly reflective tube that can turn easily around obstructions like rafters and joists.  Solatube sun                 pipes can deliver daylight virtually anywhere in the home, even to first-floor bathrooms and hallways.

3.            Installation is typically straight forward and takes approximately 4 hours.  Solatube sun pipes require no structural changes to the building and no                     need for any decorating afterwards!

People often view skylights as expensive luxuries.  However, with the amount of research now available, more people are understanding the importance of daylight as a source of interior lighting.  Solatube sun pipes deliver levels of daylight that improves health, productivity, and happiness – in addition to the substantial energy savings.

Whilst Solatube sun pipes save money on lighting they do not lose money through heat loss. Solatube sun pipes have been designed to be thermally efficient. Solatubes Energy Star rated systems deliver daylight without losing heat.  Helping you save money while making your home a more beautiful, healthy space.

Are you ready to cut down your energy bill and transform your home into a brighter and more cheerful space?

If you are interested in bringing natural light into your home, why not contact us at; 07778 283 427 to find out whether a Solatube sun pipe can help you. Typically, a fully installed system might cost anywhere between £900 – £1,200; that’s supplied, professionally installed and includes the VAT.

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